Excellent Audit of the Week #2: Jack B. of New Albany

Did you know UDI installs column posts  in basements and crawl spaces? Jack B. of New Albany does and asked Patrick Lockhart to help him with his uneven floors. After we completed his repairs, Jack became our Excellent Audit of the Week #2! Jack says,

“Patrick was very professional, he explained all the procedures to me. He told me what my floor would or would not do. He found a water leak in my refrigerator that I did not know about, it was a sub floor issue. The crew was very professional! Overall a very good job! I would recommend your company if someone asked me about leveling issues.”

Thanks, Jack! If you notice your floors are uneven or there are drywall cracks in the center of your home, give us a call at 812-282-2222 or 800-359-4471.

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Nick was very good. I wish that I had employees as good as him. Good job.

Tim K.
Louisville, KY