Rain Doesn’t Always Ease Drought Conditions

After weeks of extremely hot, dry days, our region finally saw drops of water fall from the skies again over the last couple of weeks. The relief was welcomed with shouts of joy as our lawns looked more verdant and less like we lived in Arizona. Homeowners and lawn service contractors actually had to get […]

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The Effects of Drought on Foundations

Just over a month ago, we sent out the warning about drought conditions that were beginning to be noticeable in our area.  If you have paid any attention to the skies since then, you know our concerns are now being realized. According to a report released this morning by NOAA*, almost one half of the […]

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Grounded Words Over the Airwaves

I was speaking with our Evansville representative, Josh Rhodes, this morning about his upcoming TV appearance on the “Midday with Mike” show on 14 WFIE. (You can watch him in the Evansville area on Wednesday morning, July 18th at 11:15.) Host Mike Blake invites local guests and celebrities to share their wealth of information on […]

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Spring Drought Portends Summer Distress?

The NOAA Climate Prediction Center released a graph today showing the western third of Kentucky and a significant part of Indiana are currently experiencing conditions described between “Abnormally Dry” to “Severe Drought”, especially in and around Evansville.  We usually don’t hear the “D” word until late summer or early fall.  Local long range rain forecasts […]

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