Grounded Words Over the Airwaves

I was speaking with our Evansville representative, Josh Rhodes, this morning about his upcoming TV appearance on the “Midday with Mike” show on 14 WFIE. (You can watch him in the Evansville area on Wednesday morning, July 18th at 11:15.) Host Mike Blake invites local guests and celebrities to share their wealth of information on a variety of subjects beneficial to viewers. Josh is a real pro at this having logged several appearances over the last year discussing foundation repair, drought, waterproofing and many other topics.

Locally, I can be heard on the “Your Home and Life” radio show with John Ashton on 970 WGTK this Saturday afternoon, July 21st, at 1:00. We will be discussing the effects of the drought on our homes and what UDI can do to help.

We have actually had the privilege of being “on the air” quite a bit over our history. While recordings of several of these broadcasts no longer exist, we are going to start posting the surviving TV and radio appearances on our website and YouTube channel ( to serve as a library of knowledge. Our commercials will also be popping up for your viewing and listening pleasure in the days ahead. 

In our frenetic, media-driven world, we hope to be a stabilizing force on the airwaves. If not, it should at least provide some humor years down the road. Who knows – we may go viral!


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