Spring Drought Portends Summer Distress?

The NOAA Climate Prediction Center released a graph today showing the western third of Kentucky and a significant part of Indiana are currently experiencing conditions described between “Abnormally Dry” to “Severe Drought”, especially in and around Evansville.  We usually don’t hear the “D” word until late summer or early fall.  Local long range rain forecasts would suggest these conditions will be spreading into the Louisville Metro area and worsening throughout our region as we head into the summer months.  If you know your home has experienced foundation settlement in the past, but have put off repairs, the likelihood of it only getting worse this year seems to be increasing.



With summer officially arriving next week, now would be the time to deal with the issue and get it taken care of before the cracks in the brick get even bigger and more noticeable.  We have our representatives ready to meet with you and give a free estimate.  It’s the first step towards peace of mind for one of the biggest investments you have – your home.  Call us today at 812-282-2222 or 800-359-4471.

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