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The rejuvenation of downtown Louisville has been a work in progress for several years. The primary goal of refurbishing buildings, designing a spectacular waterfront area, adding restaurants, opening and promoting museums, and constructing state-of-the-art sports complexes and condominiums has been to get people to come and live downtown. A flourishing Fine Arts community has certainly been an integral part of the effort. Many folks are responding and moving downtown again to take advantage of all of the attractions within walking distance. Thanks to the 21C Museum Hotel, with a little help from United Dynamics, Inc., Louisville is about to have a famous, new resident at 7th and Main.


The marble statue of David by Michelangelo is displayed in Florence, Italy, and will likely never be seen locally. As of tomorrow, however, Louisville will be able to boast its own replica which will stand 30′ tall on an 8′ high base. To those who would scoff at the necessity of such a height, please consider the fact if you are going to be noticed only a slingshot stone’s throw away from the Louisville Slugger bat that stands six stories tall, 38′ doesn’t seem out of the question.


In today’s Courier Journal article ( ) by Elizabeth Kramer, you can see a picture of the statue as it reclines on a flatbed truck in New York ready to continue its trek from Turkey to Louisville. You may also notice the first replica collapsed soon after it was installed in Istanbul. To ensure our David doesn’t meet the same fate, United Dynamics, Inc. was called upon to provide a deep foundation solution.


Last week, our crew installed four helical piles into the dense sands beneath Louisville to a depth of approximately 37′. These piles will support the base upon which David will stand, each having an ultimate capacity of over 32 tons. While our masterpiece is hidden from view, we are very grateful to be included in this epic art project for our community so another masterpiece can be seen.


By the way, if the Frazier History Museum decides they want to put up a 40.5′ Goliath statue in full armament on an 8′ base, we’re in!

YouTube Video of 21C Statue Project by United Dynamics, Inc.

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