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Thanks so much for the quick response.  Very prompt, in & out quickly, worked great with our schedule.  No complaints at all!

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United Dynamics, Tear Down This Wall!

Magnolia Ridge Condominium Community was dealing with a failing retaining wall.  There was concern that the wall would fall creating a large mess and potential property damage resulting in injuries.  United Dynamics was contacted for help by our past client, Cedar Property Management.           UDI put together a plan to replace the failing […]

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Supporting the Arts

The rejuvenation of downtown Louisville has been a work in progress for several years. The primary goal of refurbishing buildings, designing a spectacular waterfront area, adding restaurants, opening and promoting museums, and constructing state-of-the-art sports complexes and condominiums has been to get people to come and live downtown. A flourishing Fine Arts community has certainly […]

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Josh was very courteous and always answered our calls and questions! When it came to scheduling, Nancy & Linda were so nice and Linda rocks!! Richard, Juan & Tirso were awesome at what they did! They took time to explain things to us and laid a tarp under their truck so some oil wouldn't leak onto our driveway - very impressed. Everything they did was very neat! The finishing crew was also very courteous & good at what they did! We will always recommend your company!!

Caroline E.
Evansville, IN