Excellent Audit of the Week #1: John in Crestwood

There are many reasons our clients refer us and, when necessary, use us again. For John in Crestwood, these would include quality workmanship, excellent communication, and a habit of taking care of the unexpected detail. We first stabilized the front garage wall for John in 2009. Three years later, we waterproofed three wall cracks in his basement. When John noticed settlement on his back garage wall and crawl space, he didn’t hesitate to call UDI. Here are his comments after we completed the most recent project:

“The work by the United Dynamics Crew exceeded my expectations. Where the concrete drive needed to be opened, the patch/repair was excellent. I expect the color to blend in time with the existing concrete. Prior to the work, I exposed a buried electric wire and water line. The wire I disconnected; for the plastic pipe, the crew needed to remove a section. The pipe was repaired and put back in service which I did not expect. A 5′ , 4″X4″ wood gate post, attached to concrete needed to be removed along with the concrete. After the concrete had cured for a week, the post was reinstalled. I did not expect this. Much appreciated. For the crew, these were likely minor details but not so much for me. The communications between Sales, Scheduling, and Operations were excellent. Every detail John Connor and I had discussed about the job was addressed. It was as if I had spoken to Fernando directly. The crew worked hard and steady as a team. This was nice to witness.”

Thank  you, John! Do you have a foundation or waterproofing need at your home or business and the fear of the unexpected is keeping you from addressing it? Give us a call at 812-282-2222 or 800-359-4471 and find out what it feels like to have your expectations met and exceeded.1 2 3 4

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Extremely pleased with everything from initial consult to finish. No complaints. Will highly recommend to anyone needing this type of service. Thanks.

Amanda H.
Pewee Valley, KY