Sally H.

The crew that worked on our house finished up the job today and we are very pleased with the work.  The brick on the side of the house looks good and we are confident the pier system used to address the settlement issue will permanently solve the problem.  I really want to complement the team that worked on our house.  Richard, Timothy, and the Artemio were terrific!  They were professional, friendly, and very tolerant of my questions & picture taking.  I took a lot of pictures during the whole process – partly because I wanted to document the process & have good ‘before & after’ pictures.  But also, since my husband could not be here to see/learn the process, I took a lot of pictures so that I could send them to him & he could ‘see’ the process & progress being made.  You really, really have a good team with these guys that obviously knew what they were doing and were very conscientious of their work. And, even when things didn’t go exactly as planned & they may have been frustrated they did not show it and seemed to easily move on to “plan B”.  I just can not say enough good about Richard & crew.  I really enjoyed talking with them & learning about the process.

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Communications with and responsiveness of UDI was wonderful. It was nice to work with a company that respects my time and property. Thanks for the job well done.

Brian C.
Louisville, KY