The Last Shall Be First In Biggest Loser Competition

The second mandatory weigh-in occurred this morning in the UDI “Biggest Loser” contest and Jeff has rallied back for a victory. Our top salesman for 2010 was in last place two weeks ago, but has jumped to the top spot by losing 2.9%. He credits his performance to “doing it the right way” with diet and exercise. Here are the standings for this period:

Jeff -2.89%
Eric -2.19%
Sam -1.75%
Howard -1.36%
Phillip -0.18%

Jeff’s victory moved him up to 3rd place overall while Eric has passed Howard to take the lead. Just over half of the competition remains, so look for the race to tighten up along with the belts in the weeks ahead. The current overall standings are:

Eric -6.22%
Howard -5.47%
Jeff -5.36%
Sam -4.80%
Phillip -3.46%

Our five participants have shed a total of 66.2 pounds in four weeks which translates to a 5.05% weight loss. Three of our guys are on target for where they want to be when the contest ends. At our current rate, they will drop a total of 149 pounds and 11.37% when March 18th rolls around. That’s a lot less of them rolling around!

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You always do a great job - this time just before the rain started! The work crew was great. Left things so clean that we wouldn't have known they were there. Great job.

Ron M.
New Albany, IN