Joe B.

We found Brian & Brad very capable.  They always took the time necessary to explain to us what was happening and why.  They seemed to want to be sure we were assured as the job progressed.  They were courteous as well as knowledgeable.  This is most important to the customer in a job of this magnitude.  They made an excellent team, working efficiently but always concerned about quality.  We think Brian and Brad were as proud and happy as we were when our house shifted and settled back in place with hardly a trace of the crack line.  Nick was the artist and his ability to mix and match made the finished job look professional.  It is hard to find the old crack lines.  Please tell both Brian and Brad how much we appreciated their work and their approach.  Our job should make a good before and after statement for your advertising.

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Project manager & crew couldn't have been better or done a better job. Very well pleased overall with the service provided; the promptness of your initial response to our call; to the work done by your experienced work crew. We "thank you" and the workers.

David A.
West Baden, IN